• 15 lbs and under, Full Groom: $43

  • 15 lbs and under, Fresh'n Up: $25

  • 16-50 lbs, Full Groom: $48-$58

  • 16-50 lbs, Fresh'n Up: $35

  • 50 lbs and larger, Full Groom: $65-$95

  • 50 lbs and larger, Fresh'n Up: $45​-$55


  • Full Groom: $65-$85

All Grooming Packages Include:

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Anal Glands Expressed

  • Nails Clipped

  • Ear Cleaning

Grooming Package Add-Ons:

  • Dremel: $10

  • Blueberry Facial: $5

  • Critter Color (temporary color tint): $10

  • FURminator* (with bath and conditioner): $12

  • CBD Bath (for anxiety and skin conditions): $12

À La Carte:

  • Anal Glands Expressed: $5

  • Nails Clipped: $10

  • Nails Dremeled: $10

  • Teeth Brushing: $5

*The FURminator removes loose, dead fur from your pet's undercoat without cutting or damaging the topcoat. It reduces the shed hair in all pets, and can help reduce hairball formation in cats. By removing the loose hair here, there's less chance your pet will shed it in your home!



Virginia has 20 years of grooming experience and animal care. Previously she worked in a veterinary clinic as a groomer and vet assistant for 12 years. She had her own home-based groom shop in Kansas for eight years. Then in February, 2020, she and her husband Shane moved from Kansas to settle here in Arizona. They have five children and eight grand kids, as well as three dogs of their own, three grand cats, three grand dogs, and one grand turtle. She has a great love for her family and a life-long love of animals.

She strives to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible for both pets and parents. She also believes it is a must to have a lot of patience and trust, as well as the ability to read an animal's body language. She’s very reliable, compassionate, patient, trustworthy and personable. She believes in building a relationship with the pets and their owners.



Kim has been a dog groomer for about 30 years, since attending grooming school in 1990. Prior to her schooling she learned Junior Showmanship (also known as Junior Handling) with her parents as they showed Borzoi dogs. While she enjoys Showmanship, her grooming experience has been equally rewarding.

Her favorite grooming breeds are Poodle, Lhasa, Yorkie, and Shih Tzu (but really, she likes all dog breeds).




Linda is the mother of three and the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. Her passion definitely lies in animals. She's owned five horses, chickens and goats, and she currently owns two dogs. She's been grooming for 25 years.


For Linda, grooming is definitely is a family affair, since she taught her daughter Kaitlyn how to groom and now works with her at the pet boutique.



Kaitlyn has been grooming for eight years and was taught by her mother Linda, who she currently works with. Working as a mother-daughter team has been the greatest experience of her life. She is a single mother of a beautiful four year old baby girl. She recently moved back to her home town from Alaska. Since she grew up with dogs her entire life, dog grooming has become her passion.

Kaitlyn owns two dogs and a turtle. Previously, she owned five horses, chickens, and many dogs and cats. "My daughter is learning to grow up with animals like i did as a kid. It's the best experience anyone could have".


Quick Session (in the store)

  • 5 edited digital photos and an 8x10 print: $75

Full Session (your location)

  • 15-20 edited digital photos and an 8x10 print: $150

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